Our Sunday School program offers a dynamic and engaging journey through the Bible tailored for school-aged children. Designed to be both educational and enjoyable, the curriculum progressively covers Biblical stories from Genesis to Revelation. Each lesson is crafted to captivate young minds, providing them with a deep understanding of the Scriptures in a manner that resonates with their age and experiences.

As children embark on this comprehensive exploration of the Bible, they will encounter stories and teachings that are brought to life through interactive activities, games, and creative storytelling techniques. Our approach ensures that learning about the Bible is not just informative but also incredibly fun. The lessons are structured to foster a love for Scripture while also encouraging critical thinking and personal reflection.

The Sunday School environment is supportive and vibrant, making it an ideal place for children to grow in their faith and knowledge. Each class is an opportunity for students to engage with the biblical text, ask questions, and discover its relevance in their lives today. By covering the Bible from beginning to end, we provide a thorough foundation that helps children appreciate the breadth and depth of God’s word, setting the stage for lifelong learning and spiritual growth.