Home Class

Join us for our enriching Home Class, held fortnightly, where we dive deep into the teachings of the Bible and explore a variety of intriguing subjects. Our upcoming sessions will focus on Matthew 5-7, offering a detailed exploration of the Sermon on the Mount, which presents fundamental teachings of Jesus that are as relevant today as they were two millennia ago.

We believe in nurturing a community where questions are encouraged, and discussions are fostered. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of Biblical texts or are curious about broader spiritual themes, our Home Class is the perfect setting. Each session is designed to be accessible for all levels of biblical knowledge, from newcomers to those with a deep theological background.

Join us in a warm, welcoming environment to learn, reflect, and grow. Discover the timeless wisdom of the scriptures and how they can be applied in our modern lives. We look forward to exploring these profound teachings with you.

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